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Why Melaleuca? What in the world is Melaleuca?

Why did I joined Melaleuca?  Straight up I needed it for my health.  I work long days and found myself running out of energy.  I started taking Vitality Pack 4 and I have not only realized additional energy and alertness but a change in my appearance.  My sister was so curious with the difference in me she bugged me to get started with Melaleuca. 

Many people have asked me what I am doing and all I do is tell them about Melaleuca.  I did not share this with others.  Once they saw me after some time they started asking me questions.  My intentions was to be a customer, better my health not grow this as additional income.  I makes no difference to me, you can do both!  If you want to try Melaleuca, send me an e-mail and we will chat some more.

Additionally I started switching stores and buying all my household products from Melaleuca.  I have cleared my house of all toxic cleaners and using Melaleuca Oil based cleaners.  This includes shampoo, tooth paste, deodorant, health bars to carry me over through the day and much more.  I will list the products below with the comparisons.  

My hairdresser is a cancer survivor.  She is constantly having moles looked at on her body.  She had been to the doctor 5 weeks earlier to have a mole taken off her leg. She showed me and I about passed out.  Scab and red all the way around the sore. She told me it would not heal and she had been putting medicine on it from the doctors for 5 weeks.  I immediately left her house and retrieved my Melaleuca Oil and returned to her.  I told her, if she wanted to, to put it on the sore and keep doing so until it was healed.  The NEXT day I stopped by to see her, as she is one of my clients, and I asked her how her leg was.  She said the scab fell off and it is healing.  I SAID NO WAY AND LET ME SEE!  Indeed the scab was gone and the redness was gone.  All that was left was the new wrinkly skin.  You know when a sore is healing and it is wrinkly?  I am not implying her skin is wrinkly!  

A friend of mine is an ex-Olympian speed skater.  She called me one day and ask me what I was up too and what was new with me.  I told her about my journey with Melaleuca and she asked me what Melaleuca is.  I told her Tea Tree Oil.  She said, "Oh I know what that is, I drank it in India to keep me from getting sick.  I said exactly.  We met and she told me what I hear from everyone.  YOUR SKIN!  Wow!   

I am compelled to share this everyone because I am living proof this works.  The Vitamins are amazing. My house is free of toxic cleaners and I feel like a new person!  I feel healthy.  I am doing this not only for myself bit for the environment.  

I will post what Melaleuca says about the vitamins and why they work so well.  This is quoted straight from Melaleuca.  

Melaleuca - Superior Nutrition Just Like Nature™

Fruits and vegetables absorb raw minerals from the soil, and bind them to organic compounds such as protein and fiber.

It is this bound form of minerals that our bodies are designed to absorb and utilize.
When Melaleuca set out to create a better multivitamin & mineral supplement, they decided to start from the ground up–literally. The earth provides every mineral the human body needs for optimum health, but eating dirt–or the minerals taken from the dirt–doesn’t work.
The mineral forms found in the earth and in traditional multivitamins (gluconates, oxides, sulfates, etc.) dissolve easily in the acidic environment of the stomach, but as they pass into the intestines where absorption takes place, they crystallize (or solidify), making them very difficult, if not impossible, for the human body to absorb. So Melaleuca looked to the ideal source of minerals—fruits and vegetables. When you eat a fruit or vegetable, the minerals you‘re getting are very different from the minerals taken directly from the ground.

10 Times More Available for Absorption

Oligo was created to be Just Like Nature.

Only Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds (amino acids and oligofructose) to mirror the way they are found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods to maximize solubility.
In fact, Oligo minerals are scientifically proven to be up to 10 times more available for absorption than the minerals in the leading brands.* Traditional mineral forms can crystallize in the intestines, making them difficult to absorb.
Labels don’t indicate the rate of solubility, availability, or absorption or the nutrients inside. See the chart on the left to compare one Vitality Pack dose to brand-name multivitamins.
Oligo-bound minerals are over 85% soluble in the intestines; up to 10 times more
soluble than the unbound minerals used in One A Day™ and Centrum®.‡

Maximum Antioxidant Protection

Formulating minerals Just Like Nature has another important benefit.

Minerals in traditional supplements can trigger massive free radical activity during digestion. These free radicals can actually cancel out the benefits of antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Oligo minerals are different. Oligo protects these critical antioxidants up to 5 times better than the leading brands. As a result, your body gets more of the nutrition it needs most for more energy every day and a lifetime of better health.

Compare and Save

Because traditional vitamins and minerals are difficult for your body to absorb, it would take nearly FIVE bottles (990 pills) of Centrum® to have the same vitamin C and copper available for absorption as you would get from the Vitality Pack with Oligo.


Published: 29-Jun-10

A report released today by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation has highlighted the positive role tea tree oil (TTO) may play in the future in treating people with skin cancer.
The identification of anti-cancer activity of TTO is an important step in the process to identify, test and implement effective treatments for skin cancer.
“This research is encouraging, as researchers were able to successfully demonstrate a way to inhibit tumour growth in mice and induce tumour regression,” Dr Roslyn Prinsley, General Manager of RIRDC’s New Rural Industries said.
As part of the study, researchers from the University of Western Australia examined the efficacy of a topical TTO formulation as a potential anti-tumor agent using preclinical mouse cancer models.
Researchers measured changes in solid tumours grown under the skin in mice which were treated topically by rubbing the area with a TTO formulation.
Mice were treated for four days with the TTO formulation, with researchers monitoring the rate at which tumours grew, or started to subside. 
Researchers found that the TTO formulation significantly inhibited the growth of cancerous tumours in mice and also regressed the tumours during and after the treatment period for a time.  Only minor side effects (which appear to be important for topical chemotherapies to work effectively) were observed in the form of skin irritation which was temporary and cleared after a few days.
According to the report’s co-author, Dr Sara Greay from The University of Western Australia, the findings are significant as the tumours being studied are highly aggressive.
“We’ve known for a long time that tea tree oil has recognised health benefits, particularly its role in combating bacteria, fungi, and viruses” Dr Greay said.
“Although we and others have reported anti-cancer activity of tea tree oil against cells in vitro, no study has ever reported anti-tumour efficacy of tea tree oil in a preclinical cancer setting.
“We believe the formulation is crucial to prevent the evaporation and increase the penetration of tea tree oil through the skin
“So what this new research tells us is that tea tree oil, in the right formulation may also play a role as a clinically effective topical treatment for skin cancer in humans. 
“If topical TTO can slow down aggressive solid tumours grown under the skin in mice, then its potential to be effective against cancers that grow within the skin is enormous. The potential next step is a clinical trial to test TTO formulations on people with precancerous lesions, with the aim of preventing the development of skin cancer,” Dr Greay said.
Dr Prinsley said that if that were the case, aside from the health benefits, it would be major step forward for Australia’s TTO industry in terms of its profile and financial viability.
Anti cancer activity of tea tree oil was funded by RIRDC and industry revenue from Novasel Pty Ltd.  The report is available on the RIRDC
Media enquiries:
Duncan Sheppard – RIRDC Public Affairs Manager – 02 6271 4175 or 0458 215 604
Janine MacDonald – University of Western Australia media manager - 08 6488 5563 or 0432 637 716


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